Best Summer Nail Designs 2017

Summer is the season of warmth and brightness. This is a bright color of the whole season and filled with catchy colors. There are epic and timeless designs, while some change every season. The choice of popular design for nails for the summer season are the fruits of summer. The watermelon, kiwi, lemon and many more others are just great art to have on your nails. For summer art nails, you can also use shiny and glistening. Use in combination with other summer colors will only enhance the effect of summer. In this article I will give you some of the best summer nail art designs you can choose.

1. Summer Lemonade

Are you a bright personality who loves to wear bright clothes? Then you have the opportunity to express your individuality even more with a little nail fruit design. You can add lemon or orange or fruit that will create your nails as a fun. You can have this kind of nail art during summer with your friends and match it with the bright clothes you love.

2. Flamingo Nails

If you love painting then this nail art gives you just that chance of having something more exotic. You will be able to paint on your nails Flamingos and other types of birds. These types of summer nail designs may require more effort, but the result is worth it, especially if you want a unique look.

3. Geometric hot nails

Such a conception of nails art are definitely the most attractive and irresistible type of art and everyone who will see you with it is surely going to admire. You can use it on a date or just when walking along the beach with friends. Wear a beautiful evening gown, a subtle makeup, gently moving your hair and you will be the star of the night. While holding a glass of champagne or wine with grace, your nails are sure to attract so much attention. If you want a casual look, glaze nail gold flakes with the use of a simple or create a shade effect on the nails. You can continue to use geometric patterns for a slightly more sophisticated look. Wow! Surely this is one of the most beautiful design I will personally recommend.

4. Fun watermelon

If you are more into a fun and creative environment, this type of nail design would be perfect for you. The playful, fun, interesting and expressive air. Anyone who will see you with this nail art will surely buy a watermelon whenever he or she comes across one. If you love fruits and more especially watermelon then why not get this nail art and express yourself to the world.

5. Golden stripes nail art

Creating gold stripes incorporate into some of your nails an elegant look. Such summer nail designs are nicely combined with a gold swimsuit. And if it goes a long way, find a gold silk scarf or earrings that would go with your manicure. Or you can add to the red lips gold or eye shadow, and you are ready to make fun with new people friends. I love gold too, the brightness of it just lures me and I cannot resist it. If you love shinning stuff and will want to show off a bit why not get this design and get people turning their heads to your direction whenever your pass by.

6. Matte Feathers nail art

Try to create a slightly different color on each nail with the colorful summer vibes. You can go subtle bright colors or even treat nail shadows. When you add the feather design to the nails, it will create the amazing effects of nature. It looks good, whether you go out at night or just relax on the beach.

7. Beach Nail Design

You can have palm trees painted on your nails, together in all the ranges of your nails. You can use a combination of blue green and aqua or any other color scheme you want to use. The colors and beach items are another popular choice of design and proving quite beautiful summer nail art idea. If you are a person who loves hanging out in the beach during summer then this is your design.

8. Turquoise and golden stripes

If you really want to display your versatile personality, then you can choose this nail art design as it allows use of a combination of many different colors as well as patterns. You can use turquoise in some of your nails and create golden strips with other nail designs or can use any combination of colors.

9. Purple Orchid

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Do you like flowers, especially orchids? Then it’s time to put on your nails. This is a female nail art design. If you like certain type of flower and you will like it on your nails you can pick this design and you are sure to love it and you will always be able to remember your favorite type of flower.

10. Sand naked/nude manicure

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These types of nails design is simple and appropriate for women’s who are into business. Therefore, if you want to go on a business trip and look professional, but beautiful, this type of nail design is perfect for you. The beige color seems neutral and can work with all the clothes, from a business suit to go to a costume for a good night. You can use a few glitter in a few nails for a more casual look. Well if you that boss lady then this will just suit you at any time might even end up making you secure that important business deal?

11. Triangular tips

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You will be able to create a geometric shapes, like triangles or squares at the tips of the nails and have an interesting effect. This type of manicure is good and will match with casual dress. You can also experiment with a palette of different colors, and choose one that goes well with your style.
Whichever design you have from the above choices I can assure you that heads will turn in your direction and you will be able to attract positive attention.