January 1, 2018

7 Bling Nail Styles for New Years

Nail Styles

​It’s that time of the year again. With Christmas gone, it is time you start preparing yourself for the New Year. That means, getting ready for the party of the year. In order to be in top shape for the party, you need to ensure you have your mani and pedi on point. We have 8 different nail styles you can consider to stand out at New Years this year.

1. Cuticle Bling

In order to get this look, you need to first pick a nail polish color that goes with your dress. Paint your nail with this polish and you can sprinkle on a little glitter on the polish so it really stands out. There are two ways of going about it, you can do the complete nail or half of it with glitter, depending on how much bling you want to show.

2. Negative Space Mani

This look only requires you to paint half your nail, so it is fairly easy to do. You start with a silver nail polish which you use to paint a line across from left to right in the center of the nail. This line will serve as the division. Then you paint your nail a vibrant color above the silver line and voila, you are done. A fairly simple process which really helps your nail pop out.

3. Minimalist Nails

Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need to do. In order to get this look, you need to first paint your nail with white nail polish. This will make your nails really stand out. Then using a rose gold nail polish, you can add a dot in the center of the nail. If you like to use a glittery color instead feel free to try that.

4. Holo tips

If you are looking for nails that resemble a disco ball, then these are it. Start with a base coat on your nail. Get holographic glitter and apply a top coat on your nail. Then place the glitter on the top coat and it should stick to your nail. Then add another top coat. This will take some time so be sure you don’t wait until last minute until you do it.

5. Half Moon Mani

After applying a base coat, you need to paint your nail with a nude pink. Then cut a small piece of tape in a semi-circle and place it in the center of your nail so it leaves just the bottom part of your nail visible like a half moon. You can then paint this part with any nail color you like then removing the tape and giving your nail the half moon look.

6. Half and Half

Painting half your nail is fairly easy. Apply tape over half your nail so it is completely covered. Then on the other half use the nail polish color you like and apply it. Remove the tape and you are done.

7. Sparkly New Years Nail

An easy way to get sparkly, blingy nail is to use sparkly sequence and apply it on your nails. You want to put a base coat first and then apply a sequence of glitter or it. You can put as much glitter as you like depending how much bling you want and then put another coat over it. And you are done.

You can shine your way through any party with our bling nail tips. Be sure to add lots of glitter and dress accordingly to truly be the talk of a party.


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