November 10, 2017

Best Halloween Nail Art Designs 2017

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With Halloween approaching, chances are you have your costume already picked out. In the spirit of a fright, why not deck yourself out this Halloween and have matching nail art. We have some suggestions for you that will surely add spookiness to your overall Halloween look.

Killer Nails

Not literally, but how about painting on some of the most popular movie murderers/killers onto your nails. You numerous ones to choose, from Freddy Krueger to Pennywise. Use a dark base color for your nail and paint on the face of the killers of your choice. Now the only thing you need to worry about is selecting your favorite movie killers.

Bloody Nails

While most just go with coloring their nails a bright red color, why not give it more of a blood feel. Bloody nails incorporate a bit of black with the red so it gives more of a realistic feel. This goes well with witch and vampire costumes.

The Black Widow

Nothing says a black widow more than having spider webs on your nails. All you need is a dark base coat and add white lines in the form of webbing to get your desired look. You can deck it out with rhinestones and sparkles if you like. Just be sure not to hurt too many guys.

The Grim Reaper Nails

Scary people with nails that symbolize a coffin. If you are going as Death then these are definitely nails you should rock. They are easy to achieve, all you have to do is paint your nail black and have an outline of a coffin in gold with a cross in the middle.

scary nails

The Adorable Cats

If you are looking for a cute look then paint black cats on your nails. Yes, black cats are generally an omen but they can also be cute. This is a little technical since painting cats can be hard, don’t go too into details just stick with the head of the cat and that is it.

Simple ghost

Nothing says Halloween like ghosts and this is fairly easy to achieve. You need a base color of white with black dots for the eyes and paint a mouth on it. It’s just simple as that.

Every little detail of your overall appearance counts on Halloween. You want to go fully prepared, completely decked out from head to toe in the personality you choose. While most go with plain colors on Halloween, why not make a statement with one of the spooky nail art suggestions from above?


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