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January 2, 2018

How to Make Nail Polish Thinner

Make Nail Polish Thinner

Whether you are a nail stylist or apply nail polish on yourself, you probably know the importance of nail lacquer and its quality. When you have ageing nail polish it gets a lot thicker and is much harder to apply. Which makes it pretty useless because it will not apply evenly on your nails ruining your mani and pedicure. With the help of nail polish thinner, you can breathe new life into your ageing nail polish. We have a simple way you can make it at home.

It’s not rocket science when it comes to making nail polish thinner. Think of the nail polish as slightly frozen. Due to it sitting on your table for months, its chemical have formed additional bonds making them a lot thicker. So what can you do to break these bonds and make it thinner? Simple, run the bottle of nail polish in hot water. You can either let it sit in the water for a few minutes or hold it under it. The heat from the water will help thin the nail polish. See, not rocket science.

If the hot water trick doesn’t work, there is another option. You can add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol into the nail polish bottle. Make sure that the alcohol is 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and mix it well in the bottle. You don’t have to go all out in shaking the bottle, you can gently rub it between your two hands. This will ensure that the alcohol is completely mixed with the nail polish. Shaking vigorously will help air accumulate in the bottle which can result in bubbles being formed.

So you no longer have rely on nail polish remover as a thinner for your nail polish. While many use it as a thinning agent, there is also debate over its effectiveness. It may make the nail polish thinner but also can reduce the quality of the lacquer which results in a dull color and mani, pedicure. Whereas our solution doesn’t result in that, making it a smarter choice for nail polish thinner.

January 1, 2018

7 Bling Nail Styles for New Years

Nail Styles

​It’s that time of the year again. With Christmas gone, it is time you start preparing yourself for the New Year. That means, getting ready for the party of the year. In order to be in top shape for the party, you need to ensure you have your mani and pedi on point. We have 8 different nail styles you can consider to stand out at New Years this year.

1. Cuticle Bling

In order to get this look, you need to first pick a nail polish color that goes with your dress. Paint your nail with this polish and you can sprinkle on a little glitter on the polish so it really stands out. There are two ways of going about it, you can do the complete nail or half of it with glitter, depending on how much bling you want to show.

2. Negative Space Mani

This look only requires you to paint half your nail, so it is fairly easy to do. You start with a silver nail polish which you use to paint a line across from left to right in the center of the nail. This line will serve as the division. Then you paint your nail a vibrant color above the silver line and voila, you are done. A fairly simple process which really helps your nail pop out.

3. Minimalist Nails

Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need to do. In order to get this look, you need to first paint your nail with white nail polish. This will make your nails really stand out. Then using a rose gold nail polish, you can add a dot in the center of the nail. If you like to use a glittery color instead feel free to try that.

4. Holo tips

If you are looking for nails that resemble a disco ball, then these are it. Start with a base coat on your nail. Get holographic glitter and apply a top coat on your nail. Then place the glitter on the top coat and it should stick to your nail. Then add another top coat. This will take some time so be sure you don’t wait until last minute until you do it.

5. Half Moon Mani

After applying a base coat, you need to paint your nail with a nude pink. Then cut a small piece of tape in a semi-circle and place it in the center of your nail so it leaves just the bottom part of your nail visible like a half moon. You can then paint this part with any nail color you like then removing the tape and giving your nail the half moon look.

6. Half and Half

Painting half your nail is fairly easy. Apply tape over half your nail so it is completely covered. Then on the other half use the nail polish color you like and apply it. Remove the tape and you are done.

7. Sparkly New Years Nail

An easy way to get sparkly, blingy nail is to use sparkly sequence and apply it on your nails. You want to put a base coat first and then apply a sequence of glitter or it. You can put as much glitter as you like depending how much bling you want and then put another coat over it. And you are done.

You can shine your way through any party with our bling nail tips. Be sure to add lots of glitter and dress accordingly to truly be the talk of a party.

November 10, 2017

Best Halloween Nail Art Designs 2017

beautiful long designer nails , nails for exhibitions, french ma

With Halloween approaching, chances are you have your costume already picked out. In the spirit of a fright, why not deck yourself out this Halloween and have matching nail art. We have some suggestions for you that will surely add spookiness to your overall Halloween look.

Killer Nails

Not literally, but how about painting on some of the most popular movie murderers/killers onto your nails. You numerous ones to choose, from Freddy Krueger to Pennywise. Use a dark base color for your nail and paint on the face of the killers of your choice. Now the only thing you need to worry about is selecting your favorite movie killers.

Bloody Nails

While most just go with coloring their nails a bright red color, why not give it more of a blood feel. Bloody nails incorporate a bit of black with the red so it gives more of a realistic feel. This goes well with witch and vampire costumes.

The Black Widow

Nothing says a black widow more than having spider webs on your nails. All you need is a dark base coat and add white lines in the form of webbing to get your desired look. You can deck it out with rhinestones and sparkles if you like. Just be sure not to hurt too many guys.

The Grim Reaper Nails

Scary people with nails that symbolize a coffin. If you are going as Death then these are definitely nails you should rock. They are easy to achieve, all you have to do is paint your nail black and have an outline of a coffin in gold with a cross in the middle.

scary nails

The Adorable Cats

If you are looking for a cute look then paint black cats on your nails. Yes, black cats are generally an omen but they can also be cute. This is a little technical since painting cats can be hard, don’t go too into details just stick with the head of the cat and that is it.

Simple ghost

Nothing says Halloween like ghosts and this is fairly easy to achieve. You need a base color of white with black dots for the eyes and paint a mouth on it. It’s just simple as that.

Every little detail of your overall appearance counts on Halloween. You want to go fully prepared, completely decked out from head to toe in the personality you choose. While most go with plain colors on Halloween, why not make a statement with one of the spooky nail art suggestions from above?

November 8, 2017

How to do Marble Nails

Marble Nails

The beautiful pattern on your marble floor or kitchen counter has actually become quite a trend with nails. Yes, you can actually get a similar pattern as nail colors which give quite a classy look. So the next time you decide to give yourself a manicure, you can try it. We have tips for you to do the job on your own, so no need to spend money at a salon.

It all starts with a base coat

You start off by applying a base coat to your nails. This will give it a nice smooth look and feel. Then you apply a coat of the color of your choice. The color would obviously dependent on the base color of the marble, so if you are going for a white marble look this color needs to be white. You can go with any color of your choice.

Marble color

Once you have your base and first coat on, you need to do the color that will give the nail a marble feel. On white, we recommend doing black, since white and black go well together and the two colors really stand out against each other. Make sure if you aren’t using white, the colors you choose contrast with each other in the sense that they stand apart.

Then you go over the dots, you just put on with the color you initially painted your nail with.

So you now have a basic, color coat, dots with a contrasting color, and a dots over contrasting color with the same color as your color coat.

Marble feel

To get the marble feel on the nail, you need a thin paintbrush or a detail brush. You want to go around the dots you made and make swirls and squiggly lines, just blur the design. If you like you can even use thinner or a little alcohol on the brush which will make it easier to get the effect you want.

Final coat

You want to finish it with your top coat, most women prefer a matte finish so opt for that.

Voila, you are done. It really is simple as that. You can easily color your nails an elegant marble color, with our simple steps. So you don’t need to spend additional money at a salon getting them done. Test it with different colors and see which one you like the most.

October 8, 2017

Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle Review

Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle Review

​Nails give a first impression when you are having a conversation with anyone. From your nails, one can tell a lot about you. Naturally, nails also boost your self-esteem and you do not have to keep on hiding your hands while out with friends or on a meeting. Whether it is a special season of the year or you are just in the mood of giving yourself a treat by giving your nails a superb look, protection, and care, it is all possible.  

So, why not create that awesome first statement with your nails? Look at Sally Hansen reviews on various possible nail growth treatments and grasp the best products to support healthy and sound development of your nails.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle, Serum 0.45 oz Clear

Sally Hansen nail growth miracle gives a professional treatment that aids in promoting faster growth of nails minus brittleness. It also protects nails from splitting, tearing, and cracking. With this product, you can have 30% longer nails within five days. Its exclusive protein composition prompts rapid growth of nails.

​Consequently, the protein made from soy grain moisturizes the nails thereby lengthening and strengthening them without fragility. It keeps the nails protected, as keratin protects nails from breaking, splitting or even cracking. Additionally, the presence of multi-vitamins and collagen encourages healthy nail growth.

Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle, Bold Buff, 0.45 fluid Ounce

This product turn dreams into realities because of advanced nail care technology. With the use of this product which sees instant results within very few days, it is possible for nails to grow longer at a 30% rate in as few as five days. It also contains multiple vitamins, keratin, and biotin that support nails to desist from breaking or splitting. It is available in 24 different but great shades that when used with miracle serum enables one to achieve great results.

Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle serum 0.37 fluid ounce

This is an advanced nail treatment option intended to support faster natural growth of nails. It does that by perfecting the cuticles hence the explanation for the 59% nail growth rate. The cuticles will grow smoother and softer automatically with the use of this product, as nails will no longer be prone to damage due to its enrichment with biotin and Serum

​Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Clear Miracle Treatment 0.45 Ounce (13ml) (2 Pack)

​This product is useful in hardening and achieving long nails within a very short span of time. It has an awesome clear coat that gives nail a shimmering and glittering look for several days after application. The polish also dries out very fast hence very convenient for someone who does not like sitting for hours to get the nails dried. The price is also very friendly and affordable.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle, Perfect Plum, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

​This product restores all types of nails back to their normal form even if it was because of nail biting or handling some dirty work. The use of base coat will ensure that the nails do not stain once you remove them. You achieve results within 5 days of application.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle, Perfect Plum, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

​​This product keeps your nails and cuticles from drying out and supports longer growth. Results are visible within a short time after application. The only annoying bit is the dropper that dispenses the serum into your nails sometimes does not work properly.

Sally Hansen Miracle, Cure for Severe Problem Nails, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

​​This product is designed to treat brittle and severe dry nails. Within 3 days, you can notice stronger nails without any peelings. It also contains an exclusive mineral filled formula that fills in cracks swiftly and instantly strengthens and reinforces growth of beautiful strong nails. The nails will instantly stop peeling and strong layers will form. It encounters dryness by the strong moisture specifically designed with magnets to provide intense moisture therapy. The nails will also get a great and powerful penetration of naturally available protein found in this product, which strengthens the nail and give it a lustrous look.

Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener Strength 3192 Clear

​This product supports nail thickening hence softer, thinner nails. It has a replenishing advanced medical treatment suitable for ensuring thin, soft, and well-ridged nails achieving complete protection for thin nails. Its ceramic formula-like gel smoothens and reinforces the development of great and strong nails. The Fortifying treatment comes in handy in filling out ridges and any imperfections giving the nails a healthy, shiny, and smooth look. With this product, you have the assurance of stronger, thicker, and harder nails.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Nail Polish HEADED NUDE-WHERE

​​The application this product ensures faster healing of worn out nails. With only the application of 2 coats of this gel to clean and dry nails, you will have the ultimate solution. There is no need of a base coat. One achieves great and better results with just the simple application technique.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, Top Coat, 0.5 Ounce

​​This product is the only one possible to protect nails from harsh ultra-violet rays from the sun. It works well without the use of light and comes in various over 45 color shades that go hand-in-hand with any skin type and one’s favorite color. Its removal is just one touch with the simple procedure of soaking the nail and there you have it.

Great designs to expect from Sally Hansen nail products include:

  • check
    the lemonade fruit design,
  • check
    Bird painting mostly flamingo design
  • check
    Mathematics design of creation of geometry patterns
  • check
    ​Fruit-like water melon design, elegant stripes of gold
  • check
    ​General feathers nail design, beach color scheme
  • check
    ​A combination of turquoise and golden stripes
  • check
    Orchid grand design
  • check
    ​Pure nude manicure
  • check
    ​Geometric triangular shaped-like design

​That pointed out by Sally Hansen, we have various artwork designs to suit any nail size and shape. So why not check out the various designs and try them out to give out your complete most anticipated look? You can check out for nail art designs with unique artwork.  

October 6, 2017

How to Apply Nail Tattoos

Nail Tattoos

Nowadays, nail decals with paste art and stickers are common. The decals are available in different patterns and shapes, which are easily transferable to the nail or base coat. Nail tattoos are readily available for professional painting and nail manicure. The tattoos come in different styles and qualities that are suitable for children and adults regardless of the shape of their nails. They are available in online stores, nail salons, beauty stores, and drug stores. Important factors to consider before purchasing a nail tattoo include cost, durability, and style.

They come in various styles depending on the art adhesion used. Most of the tattoos are applicable with the nail polish base coat to avoid nail damaging. However, some tattoos are applicable directly on the nails without the need for nail polish. The transferable styles remain to be the most common and preferred decal style compared to the other styles.

Forms of Nail Tattoos

Water appliques

These are water-based stickers that are applied on a base coat. They are soaked in water for at least 30 seconds before applying them. It can last for a couple of weeks once applied.


Stickers are common nail tattoos. It is advisable to apply them on the neutral base coats and ensure it does not overlap the skin or cuticle. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are easy to use.

Striping tape

It comes in rolls that are cut into the required shapes and lengths. It is important to use a good polish and seal it up with a clear nail coat. The geometric designs mostly go well with the stripping tape due to its thin and long sticker.

Nail wraps

They are wrapped on the nails and trimmed to give them a nice fit. They look like the water appliques and nail stickers.

Nail tattoos design

The nail tattoos today come in different types and designs that are mostly trendy. It is easy to decorate the nails using one of these designs that are available in the stores.

Golden decal tattoos

They are one of the most popular designs these days and are mostly used by individuals attending parties. They are taken from the sheets using water and later put on a base color of one's choice. It is imperative to note that the base color must be dried.

Stones nail tattoos

They are popular and are normally used on a single nail. The nails are teamed  up with the stones together with the golden gel that is available at the stores.

Floral stickers

They’re girly and trendy and can be worn with the pastel shade outfit and no need for any hand painting to fix them thus making them easy to use.

Ceramic stickers

The ceramic stickers can be worn together with the colored glitters or stones. They are mostly worn during parties.

Geometric nail tattoo

They are very fashionable and come in different colors, hues, and shades.

Symmetric nail tattoo

While using this tattoo, it's recommended that one uses a darker base color for a more prominent look. Dots or stones can as well be used to design different shapes of a person’s preference.

Small nail tattoo

They are very easy to make as the drawing tools are not really required. The floral designs can be used and worn with colored polishes that come in a variety of shades.

Directions for application

  • arrow-right
    ​While applying the nail tattoos, it is imperative to note that all the steps are important and skipping one of them may not give you the required results.
  • arrow-right
    ​Carefully and neatly, paint the nails using two polish base coats and let them dry thoroughly. Wet basecoats prevent the nail tattoos from sticking well on the nails.
  • arrow-right
    ​Cut well the nail tattoo very close to the selected image. Ensure that the cutout is neat and shapely to allow it fit nicely on the nails and give a good look.
  • arrow-right
    ​Remove the protective film
  • arrow-right
    ​Apply the desired nail tattoo while it's facing down towards  the nail and press it down
  • arrow-right
    ​Use a Q-tip that has been soaked in water to moisten the nail tattoo and let it sit for up to ten seconds. The geometry tattoos, however, need to be soaked for at least 20 seconds.
  • arrow-right
    ​Slide the backing paper from the nail tattoo.
  • arrow-right
    ​If need be, use the Q-tip again to smoothen the nail tattoo.
  • arrow-right
    ​Use a dry piece of cloth or cotton to dry any excess water and make sure that it is completely dry.
  • arrow-right
    ​Use a clear top coat to seal it and allow it to dry. One can also apply an additional topcoat layer for an added protection.

​Important tips

Nail tattoos come in different designs and size and are mostly tacky without the protective film. It is therefore very important to handle them with care especially during the fixation. Make sure that the polished nails are completely hardened and well dried before applying the nail tattoos. If you apply the tattoos on wet nails, they will either not stick properly or have a messy shape.

Cutting the nail tattoo properly will give you an easy time while fixing them on the nails. Placing the nailing face down ensures that it does not come out easily. After fixing the tattoo and removing the paper, it is important to smoothen it to enable it to stick firmly on the nail,

  • arrow-right
    ​Adding a top coat before applying the nail tattoo ensures that the surface is smooth and the tattoo will stick easily. In case one has a glitter polish, a thicker top coat is highly recommended. If it doesn’t stick, it is okay to use one's thumb to hold it but must carefully do so not to damage the tattoo.
  • arrow-right
    ​Note that the top coat is only to be applied to clean and dry nails failure to which it will not serve its intended purpose. Thus, it is important to ensure that the nail surface is completely dry.
July 26, 2017

How To Do Gel Nails At Home

Gel manicure is no longer offered exclusively in the salons. Now you can take things in your hands. The technique is easy to learn and get fantastic nails in a few simple steps. Manicure nail gels gives a beautiful shiny surface that really lasts. It is no wonder that they are so popular, but getting the perfect looks like that in salon is not easy when doing it at home. Set up everything you need on a flat surface. Make sure you are at a comfortable position, your first manicure can take up to 30 t0 50 minutes or more, but with each application, it will be faster. Make sure you are in a room with enough light, where you can see clearly, but keep direct sunlight away because this can damage the final results. You will need to do as follows:

First step: Prepare nails

Make sure your nails are clean. Then use the sweeping side of the manicure stick, gently remove the nail skin. This will give a clean surface for the gel application, but also will ensure that it lasts. Then remove excess oil and dirt from nails with a cotton ball wetting with acetone.

Second step: Create a perfect shape of your Nails

Shape the edge of the nail to desired shape. The most common forms are square, round, oval, scaly. Once you have shaped your nails edges, it is time to polish the surface with pink nail buffers. This will give you a nail with no shine because it removes shine. This is to be done slowly and helps with adhesion. Be careful on the sides of the nails and around the cuticle, since the lift can occur because of the bad preparation.

Third step: thin layer of gel application

Apply a thin layer of gel based on nails and harden on a UV lamp. Be careful to keep a small distance from the edge of the nail. You do not want to get the gel on your fingers. In addition, work thinner than you think. You must use less product than the base coat of nail polish.

During the application of the base layer, without touching the skin or the skin on the side of the nails. Cleaning the base layer, in turn, affects the result of applying colors. The nail will self-level so you can paint slowly and after a few seconds, brushing will disappear.

Step Four: Apply color enamel

Depending on the depth of the color you need, the number of layers of color corresponds to you. It is advised to try two layers, but some people like to use on the one hand with a very simple look or three layers of a very strong color. This will likely vary depending on the shade you are using. Be sure to heal each layer for 30 seconds.

A thin layer is prevents it from pulling off. Also make sure to cover the nail edges with paint. This will help to keep the paint in place rather than the subsequent reduction of the tip of the nail. Heal the nail and repeat with a second layer.

Fifth Step: Top Coating

A thin layer that cures on a lamp is applied. It is left for around ten to fifteen seconds in UV. Be careful, make sure you do not touch the nail skin or the skin on the sides of the nails.

Sixth step: Clean wipe your nails

Using a lint-free cloth clean every nail cleansing gel fluff, this will remove the sticky layer of moisture and thus the final product. It is normal, if you lift off a little color, and will not affect the end result. Remove using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball. To finish rub the nails cuticle oil on the skin.

Things You Should Consider Before Starting

  1. Prepare your tools

Make sure you have everything you need at hand before you start to apply the application you do not want to touch anything could open this fuzz and unnecessary dirt on your finished manicure. The following are things you may need:

Lint-free cloths

Paper towels

Cleaning Brush

Gel lamp

All lightening gels try to use – including primer, undercoat and finish


Alcohol Cleaner

  1. Search more information

Monitor your favorite blog to get tips on nail experiences. Start compiling your own list of notes. This is one of the most important part. With almost all the knowledge at hand perfectly polished, you can also investigate for free on the internet. Always use official resources for reliable tutorials, tips and tricks. Watch a few videos on basic gel applications.

  1. Do Prior practice

When applying Gel varnish should maintain a clean and dry surface to hold. Begin cuticles push gently. Drop your nails into the desired shape. Make sure you get the small edges of the nail. Because if you leave the rough edges, uneven causes adhesion problems. Then lightly the surface and edges of the nail with superfine pads, sprayed with a dry cleaning solvent and with a lint-free cloth to remove debris.


It will not be easy especially if it is your first time to do the gel application at home by yourself. So you are advised to be patient and do not rush or look for perfection. If you find that you completely messed up wash the gel off immediately before it dries and go to the salon and as someone with experience to take you through the process. Doing gel application at home is more convenient and less costly, it is also fun and mind refreshing hence removing stress. Do not attempt if you are not sure or if you have not gathered enough information that you may need. This is because you might end up hurting yourself or even damaging your nails. If you want to do some art by yourself it will be a great way to start by doing it on your nails.

July 26, 2017

How To Remove Gel Nails Without Acetone

Some people believe that acetone is the best way to remove gel on nails, but if you do not want to use acetone. Gel manicures are becoming more popular because they help the varnish stay well these days. Regular nail varnish may look good for a few days, but the bottom line is that it will start to chip after some time and you will need to remove or replace it. However, it is difficult to use acetone due to precautions you will need to take to protect your skin and also you may fear posing health risks to yourself. So you may want to use a more natural way to eliminate gel nails.

Risks to the health caused by acetone

  • Animal studies have shown that long exposure to acetone can affect the liver, kidneys, nerve damage and cause birth defects. I bet you will not want to take such a risk when you have several options that are much safer health wise and you do not need any expert knowledge to use these other methods.  
  • Moderate to high exposure to acetone for short periods of time can cause chronic toxicity to your nose, lungs and throat or even shortening of the menstrual cycle in women. These effects are just some of the major health risks the list is much longer. Why would you wish to gamble your life for beauty while you have safer ways of doing it which will not even require any spending as the tolls you will be using are readily available at your home?
  • It has the ability to damage the skin by depleting moisture and oils, making it dry, brittle and susceptible to peeling. OH boy! I am sure if there is a part of your body that you always try to keep protected is your skin. Having a healthy skin is vital for beauty and since it is the part of the body that is mostly exposed to various conditions why take an open riks that you can avoid.

The relief here is that you do not really need acetone to remove the gel nails, there are easier ways that can be used especially on a weekend, when you are afternoon free and you probally have nothing to do. So the following are the ways, which I will talk about below, is a great way to spend the afternoon to remove the gel nails when planning for next week or just relaxing your mind.

  1. Soaking Method

If not achieved the expected results from peeling, you can use this method of soaking to remove gel nails without use of acetone.

  • Take a small bowl and fill it with hot water. Add a few drops of soap into the bowl with a teaspoon of salt.
  • Put your hand on the plate and stay in this position for about 10 t0 15 minutes. Make sure the water is hot enough.
  • Take out your hand after the time stated above has elapsed and wipe with a towel. You can now proceed with the process of chipping and getting rid of gel nails.
  • You can do the same with the other hand at the same time or do one hand at a time.
  1. You can File Off
  • Cut your nails first. Use a good first nail clipper and cut the nails as short as possible. You can use filer file if they seem too thick to cut with normal nail scissors.
  • File surface of the nails. A file of good thickness is needed. Make sure you do it carefully so as to get a smooth look. Gently move the filer to avoid feeling a burning sensation. Move slowly and do not worry about the time you need.
  • Stop the process as soon as you see the natural nail. If you continue this process after seeing the natural nail, you will damage the natural nail. You are near the natural nail, if you notice a decrease in the dust or see the natural edges of the nail.
  • Use a finer grit file to get rid of the remaining gel. After seeing the natural nail, one gets a finer grit to remove any of the remaining gel on your nails. Also, be smooth to avoid damaging the natural nail.
  • Once you have removed all the gel varnishes, wash your nails with soap. Make sure that you apply a little oil on the nails, for nourishment of your nails. You need to this urgently, after all process is done.
  1. Use Peel off Method
  • Use your fingers or tweezers to grab the edge and remove the gel. Repeat the operation with each finger until the gels have been completely removed.
  • Use a cuticle stick and place gently under the gel surface of the nails. Work slowly and find that the gel is moving around the edge. Avoid too hard to dig under the gel of you, as it can damage the natural nail.
  • Slowly you can use a tweezers to summarize this process at the high-end of your nails to remove the gel from your fingers


Having nice looking nails will give you confidence and might be vital maintaining such especially if you are into modelling hence using a more natural way to maintain such is more recommendable. Above I have listed just some of the risks that if you use acetone in removing gel nail it can cause you a lot of damage health wise so my advice to you will  to try as much as possible and use the natural ways. If you free at home on weekends you can call a friend to help you to use the methods above or even you can do it by yourself when you relaxing and watching your favorite movie series or listening to your favorite music while seated at the balcony enjoying the afternoon breeze. So my advice to you is that ensure process of removing gel nails is safer and make it a hobby to use natural ways of removing gel nails this will ensure you have healthy nails in the long run.