October 6, 2017

How to Apply Nail Tattoos

Nail Tattoos

Nowadays, nail decals with paste art and stickers are common. The decals are available in different patterns and shapes, which are easily transferable to the nail or base coat. Nail tattoos are readily available for professional painting and nail manicure. The tattoos come in different styles and qualities that are suitable for children and adults regardless of the shape of their nails. They are available in online stores, nail salons, beauty stores, and drug stores. Important factors to consider before purchasing a nail tattoo include cost, durability, and style.

They come in various styles depending on the art adhesion used. Most of the tattoos are applicable with the nail polish base coat to avoid nail damaging. However, some tattoos are applicable directly on the nails without the need for nail polish. The transferable styles remain to be the most common and preferred decal style compared to the other styles.

Forms of Nail Tattoos

Water appliques

These are water-based stickers that are applied on a base coat. They are soaked in water for at least 30 seconds before applying them. It can last for a couple of weeks once applied.


Stickers are common nail tattoos. It is advisable to apply them on the neutral base coats and ensure it does not overlap the skin or cuticle. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are easy to use.

Striping tape

It comes in rolls that are cut into the required shapes and lengths. It is important to use a good polish and seal it up with a clear nail coat. The geometric designs mostly go well with the stripping tape due to its thin and long sticker.

Nail wraps

They are wrapped on the nails and trimmed to give them a nice fit. They look like the water appliques and nail stickers.

Nail tattoos design

The nail tattoos today come in different types and designs that are mostly trendy. It is easy to decorate the nails using one of these designs that are available in the stores.

Golden decal tattoos

They are one of the most popular designs these days and are mostly used by individuals attending parties. They are taken from the sheets using water and later put on a base color of one's choice. It is imperative to note that the base color must be dried.

Stones nail tattoos

They are popular and are normally used on a single nail. The nails are teamed  up with the stones together with the golden gel that is available at the stores.

Floral stickers

They’re girly and trendy and can be worn with the pastel shade outfit and no need for any hand painting to fix them thus making them easy to use.

Ceramic stickers

The ceramic stickers can be worn together with the colored glitters or stones. They are mostly worn during parties.

Geometric nail tattoo

They are very fashionable and come in different colors, hues, and shades.

Symmetric nail tattoo

While using this tattoo, it's recommended that one uses a darker base color for a more prominent look. Dots or stones can as well be used to design different shapes of a person’s preference.

Small nail tattoo

They are very easy to make as the drawing tools are not really required. The floral designs can be used and worn with colored polishes that come in a variety of shades.

Directions for application

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    ​While applying the nail tattoos, it is imperative to note that all the steps are important and skipping one of them may not give you the required results.
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    ​Carefully and neatly, paint the nails using two polish base coats and let them dry thoroughly. Wet basecoats prevent the nail tattoos from sticking well on the nails.
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    ​Cut well the nail tattoo very close to the selected image. Ensure that the cutout is neat and shapely to allow it fit nicely on the nails and give a good look.
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    ​Remove the protective film
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    ​Apply the desired nail tattoo while it's facing down towards  the nail and press it down
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    ​Use a Q-tip that has been soaked in water to moisten the nail tattoo and let it sit for up to ten seconds. The geometry tattoos, however, need to be soaked for at least 20 seconds.
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    ​Slide the backing paper from the nail tattoo.
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    ​If need be, use the Q-tip again to smoothen the nail tattoo.
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    ​Use a dry piece of cloth or cotton to dry any excess water and make sure that it is completely dry.
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    ​Use a clear top coat to seal it and allow it to dry. One can also apply an additional topcoat layer for an added protection.

​Important tips

Nail tattoos come in different designs and size and are mostly tacky without the protective film. It is therefore very important to handle them with care especially during the fixation. Make sure that the polished nails are completely hardened and well dried before applying the nail tattoos. If you apply the tattoos on wet nails, they will either not stick properly or have a messy shape.

Cutting the nail tattoo properly will give you an easy time while fixing them on the nails. Placing the nailing face down ensures that it does not come out easily. After fixing the tattoo and removing the paper, it is important to smoothen it to enable it to stick firmly on the nail,

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    ​Adding a top coat before applying the nail tattoo ensures that the surface is smooth and the tattoo will stick easily. In case one has a glitter polish, a thicker top coat is highly recommended. If it doesn’t stick, it is okay to use one's thumb to hold it but must carefully do so not to damage the tattoo.
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    ​Note that the top coat is only to be applied to clean and dry nails failure to which it will not serve its intended purpose. Thus, it is important to ensure that the nail surface is completely dry.


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