July 26, 2017

How To Do Gel Nails At Home

Gel manicure is no longer offered exclusively in the salons. Now you can take things in your hands. The technique is easy to learn and get fantastic nails in a few simple steps. Manicure nail gels gives a beautiful shiny surface that really lasts. It is no wonder that they are so popular, but getting the perfect looks like that in salon is not easy when doing it at home. Set up everything you need on a flat surface. Make sure you are at a comfortable position, your first manicure can take up to 30 t0 50 minutes or more, but with each application, it will be faster. Make sure you are in a room with enough light, where you can see clearly, but keep direct sunlight away because this can damage the final results. You will need to do as follows:

First step: Prepare nails

Make sure your nails are clean. Then use the sweeping side of the manicure stick, gently remove the nail skin. This will give a clean surface for the gel application, but also will ensure that it lasts. Then remove excess oil and dirt from nails with a cotton ball wetting with acetone.

Second step: Create a perfect shape of your Nails

Shape the edge of the nail to desired shape. The most common forms are square, round, oval, scaly. Once you have shaped your nails edges, it is time to polish the surface with pink nail buffers. This will give you a nail with no shine because it removes shine. This is to be done slowly and helps with adhesion. Be careful on the sides of the nails and around the cuticle, since the lift can occur because of the bad preparation.

Third step: thin layer of gel application

Apply a thin layer of gel based on nails and harden on a UV lamp. Be careful to keep a small distance from the edge of the nail. You do not want to get the gel on your fingers. In addition, work thinner than you think. You must use less product than the base coat of nail polish.

During the application of the base layer, without touching the skin or the skin on the side of the nails. Cleaning the base layer, in turn, affects the result of applying colors. The nail will self-level so you can paint slowly and after a few seconds, brushing will disappear.

Step Four: Apply color enamel

Depending on the depth of the color you need, the number of layers of color corresponds to you. It is advised to try two layers, but some people like to use on the one hand with a very simple look or three layers of a very strong color. This will likely vary depending on the shade you are using. Be sure to heal each layer for 30 seconds.

A thin layer is prevents it from pulling off. Also make sure to cover the nail edges with paint. This will help to keep the paint in place rather than the subsequent reduction of the tip of the nail. Heal the nail and repeat with a second layer.

Fifth Step: Top Coating

A thin layer that cures on a lamp is applied. It is left for around ten to fifteen seconds in UV. Be careful, make sure you do not touch the nail skin or the skin on the sides of the nails.

Sixth step: Clean wipe your nails

Using a lint-free cloth clean every nail cleansing gel fluff, this will remove the sticky layer of moisture and thus the final product. It is normal, if you lift off a little color, and will not affect the end result. Remove using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball. To finish rub the nails cuticle oil on the skin.

Things You Should Consider Before Starting

  1. Prepare your tools

Make sure you have everything you need at hand before you start to apply the application you do not want to touch anything could open this fuzz and unnecessary dirt on your finished manicure. The following are things you may need:

Lint-free cloths

Paper towels

Cleaning Brush

Gel lamp

All lightening gels try to use – including primer, undercoat and finish


Alcohol Cleaner

  1. Search more information

Monitor your favorite blog to get tips on nail experiences. Start compiling your own list of notes. This is one of the most important part. With almost all the knowledge at hand perfectly polished, you can also investigate for free on the internet. Always use official resources for reliable tutorials, tips and tricks. Watch a few videos on basic gel applications.

  1. Do Prior practice

When applying Gel varnish should maintain a clean and dry surface to hold. Begin cuticles push gently. Drop your nails into the desired shape. Make sure you get the small edges of the nail. Because if you leave the rough edges, uneven causes adhesion problems. Then lightly the surface and edges of the nail with superfine pads, sprayed with a dry cleaning solvent and with a lint-free cloth to remove debris.


It will not be easy especially if it is your first time to do the gel application at home by yourself. So you are advised to be patient and do not rush or look for perfection. If you find that you completely messed up wash the gel off immediately before it dries and go to the salon and as someone with experience to take you through the process. Doing gel application at home is more convenient and less costly, it is also fun and mind refreshing hence removing stress. Do not attempt if you are not sure or if you have not gathered enough information that you may need. This is because you might end up hurting yourself or even damaging your nails. If you want to do some art by yourself it will be a great way to start by doing it on your nails.


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