November 8, 2017

How to do Marble Nails

Marble Nails

The beautiful pattern on your marble floor or kitchen counter has actually become quite a trend with nails. Yes, you can actually get a similar pattern as nail colors which give quite a classy look. So the next time you decide to give yourself a manicure, you can try it. We have tips for you to do the job on your own, so no need to spend money at a salon.

It all starts with a base coat

You start off by applying a base coat to your nails. This will give it a nice smooth look and feel. Then you apply a coat of the color of your choice. The color would obviously dependent on the base color of the marble, so if you are going for a white marble look this color needs to be white. You can go with any color of your choice.

Marble color

Once you have your base and first coat on, you need to do the color that will give the nail a marble feel. On white, we recommend doing black, since white and black go well together and the two colors really stand out against each other. Make sure if you aren’t using white, the colors you choose contrast with each other in the sense that they stand apart.

Then you go over the dots, you just put on with the color you initially painted your nail with.

So you now have a basic, color coat, dots with a contrasting color, and a dots over contrasting color with the same color as your color coat.

Marble feel

To get the marble feel on the nail, you need a thin paintbrush or a detail brush. You want to go around the dots you made and make swirls and squiggly lines, just blur the design. If you like you can even use thinner or a little alcohol on the brush which will make it easier to get the effect you want.

Final coat

You want to finish it with your top coat, most women prefer a matte finish so opt for that.

Voila, you are done. It really is simple as that. You can easily color your nails an elegant marble color, with our simple steps. So you don’t need to spend additional money at a salon getting them done. Test it with different colors and see which one you like the most.


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